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Williams, Janet

Janet Williams is an environmental technician dedicated to environmental cleanliness.
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Williams, Janet

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Type: Service Provider
  • College:
  • coursework in cooking at the reputable institution, and received a certification from the Homeland Security Community Emergency Response Team, certification in legal issues; practical considerations from Lorman; certification in law of easements
  • Universities/Colleges:
  • AS in applied science in architecture; AS in computer science; AS in geographic information systems – College of DuPage
  • Organizations:
  • International Right of Way Association;
  • Affiliations:
  • National Association of Professional Women;
  • Expertise:
  • maintaining environmental cleanliness, handles the public works department’s lead assessments and acquisitions.
  • Awards:
  • Gardener of the Year Award from Glen Ellyn Park District, Award from School District 41 for her hard work.
  • Volunteer Work/ Charities:
  • Churchill School Olympic Day, Churchill School Environmental Club and Committee, Scout Leader for the Girl Scouts of the United States of America for 20 years.
  • Keys To Success:
  • 1. Do not be afraid to try new things. 2. If you are not willing to do the job (for example scrub the floor) do not force someone else to do it. I have always gone with "if I will not do that task then do not ask anyone else to do it." 3. NO matter
  • Hobbies/ Interests:
  • flower and vegetable gardening, decorating wedding cakes, making candies, cooking, conducting cooking classes and sewing
  • Military and Government Service :
  • Working for her local government Dupage County
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Ms. Janet L. Williams is a professional Environmental Research Technician with the DuPage County Department of Public Works in Western Illinois, and serves as an intermediary between the County’s accounting and billing departments, State attorneys, engineers, field personnel and the public. Specifically, she prepares maps, legal paperwork, and other required documentation for a variety of county departments pertaining to sewer, water, and drainage systems. The information she compiles and distributes ensures that the county makes safe, sanitary decisions with regard to zoning, building permits, utility billing, acquisitions, and easement approval.

Ms. Williams started her employment with DuPage County 40+ years ago, after graduating from the College of DuPage in 1974 with an Associate Degree in Applied Science (Architecture) and later on also Computer Science.  In addition, she also earned credits from their Culinary and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs.  Ms. Williams was not just any regular graduate; she was the first female student to graduate from the College’s architectural program.  After that accomplishment, she decided to embrace another challenge in the work force where at the time, jobs in the engineering and architectural field were often assigned based on gender rather than skill and ability.  However, Ms. Williams’ parents always encouraged her to stick to whatever she was doing and taught her that she could do anything she wanted to.  And so she did.

For 43 years, Ms. Williams applied her parents’ teachings to her everyday life.  She earned different certificates and degrees within her field to help build her expertise and focus, including certificates in education, law, real estate, and various other fields.  Ms. Williams also mastered the GIS and title-easement research part of her job, and developed and implemented a scanning program for county archives.  She collaborated on plans for cell-towers in the county and even though it is not part of her job description, she also trained the county’s legal department on where to research environmental information to address requests under the Freedom of Information Act.  The nature of her position with DuPage County also required Ms. Williams to complete courses in First Aid, CPR, Small Crafts Piloting, swimming, and swimming instruction through the American Red Cross, as well as the Homeland Security Community Emergency Response Training from FEMA.

While Ms. Williams’ educational background is unusually diverse, her personal interests and activities reflect her varied interests and unstoppable drive even more.  In her free time, she shows her friends how to design flower arrangements, decorate cakes, complete sewing and craft projects, cook, make candy, can food, and occasionally she also displays her ability to work on cars.  It’s a skill she learned while working at the local auto store and helping family members work on race cars during her school years.

Ms. Williams’ natural passions and achievements can also be seen in her daughters, who get to benefit every day from her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and do new things.  She trained her daughters and all the girls in her Girl Scout troops to try anything they find interesting and then combine all those experiences to pick the one passion they want to pursue, whether it was glass blowing, swimming, working on cars, or any other career.

Today, Ms. Williams has the option to retire but chooses to continue her work with the DuPage County Department of Public Works, with a focus on training new county employees and sharing her knowledge with them on how to read maps, and research and archive information.  She works with many of her colleagues, old and new, side-by-side on projects, so they can all learn the different parts of her job duties.  Even if she has no subordinate employees, that does not stop Ms. Williams from helping everyone out and training those who ask or need it.  When the PTA at the elementary school her daughters’ attended started a Green Committee, she immediately volunteered to train them on everything they needed know with regard to environmental research, and helped the committee start off on the right foot.

Ms. Williams rejects the notion that there are “secrets” to her success and states she just likes what she does and relishes learning new things.  She is always looking for things to spark her interest and once she starts working on a project, everything balloons and grows into newer and bigger projects. If there is one thing she would like others to remember, it is that people should accept and respect.  Accept others for who they are and respect their beliefs and feelings.  Respect the environment instead of killing all that it holds. Because even though Ms. Williams’ interests and focuses seem extremely diverse, they are all linked together by her love for the environment and her joy in working with children.

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