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Cattle, William

William Cattle is a professional real estate agent who has thrived even when the market hasn't which is a testament to his professionalism and integrity.
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Cattle, William

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Type: Agent/Representative
  • Position:
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Place Of Employment:
  • Royal Lepage Triland
  • Universities/Colleges:
  • Graduated with Honors for Canadore College from the Legal Assistant program.
  • Organizations:
  • Political Action Committee; Director, Woodstock-Ingersoll And District Real Estate Board
  • Affiliations:
  • Local Woodstock-Ingersoll District Real Estate Board (WINDREB);
  • Expertise:
  • Construction, Residential and new building real estate services.
  • Volunteer Work/ Charities:
  • Commanding Officer of the Local Navy League Cadet Program NLCC Unicorn. This prgram promotes, organize, sponsor, support and encourage the education and training of the youth of Ontario through Cadet movements, and through the provision of recreation
  • Public Speaking:
  • : With my term of Presidency for the Woodstock-Ingersoll and District Real Estate Board I have done plenty of public speaking. With this role I have also done numerous press interviews and newspaper interviews. I also have to host our annual parade
  • Keys To Success:
  • He attributes his success to having an understanding of the legalities while not just looking at a person as a number, but as a potential client that deserves the best customer service possible.
  • Hobbies/ Interests:
  • I enjoy hiking/mountain climbing. My most proud moment was when I submitted Mount Whitey 14,505 feet in Sierra Nevada. I also enjoy diving and I am PADDI open water certified.
  • Inspirational Motto:
  • Never give up and there is always a solution to any problem
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Growing up in Ontario, Canada, Mr. William Cattle had the great benefit of two people in his life who greatly influenced him at a young age.  His grandfather, Mr. William Cattle, was a WWII veteran who lived his life with great integrity and honesty and showed a young Mr. Cattle how important these values were in life.  The other person was his uncle, Mr. Rene Proulx, a self-made business owner who became successful through hard work and determination.  The combination of these influences, along with his own innate attention for detail, built a platform of honesty and sheer determination on which Mr. Cattle formed his own career.

After graduating with honors from the Legal Assistant program at Canadore College, Mr. Cattle settled into a career as a Title Searcher with Teranet.  For 13 years, he worked on the provincial land conversion project, converting property ownership records.  The work was very detail-oriented and gave him in-depth expertise in land registry records, navigating legal documentation, and researching title issues.  Then, Mr. Cattle decided to change the course of his career and obtained his real estate license.  His experience with land registry records came in handy and he graduated with high marks. He easily built his new career path and focused on the sale of new home construction, giving his clients optimal service with his clear understanding of new property ownership.

Mr. Cattle has now been an active full-time realtor for 11 years in the Woodstock and Ingersoll, Ontario area, where he also lives with his family.  He is a sales representative with Royal Lepage Triland, a realty real estate brokerage that is independently owned and operated in Woodstock, Ontario.  Although he has also re-sells existing homes, his main focus is new home construction sales, which is vastly different from resale.  Searching for a customary house available can be just as exhausting as looking at houses for sale but for Mr. Cattle, it is a natural progression from his previous career as a Title Searcher. His main advice for clients looking for a new home is to consider the interesting upsides and downsides of a house as a set, and comprehend the contrasts while keeping the end goal in mind to discover the best pick available in the real estate market.  Regardless of his clients’ objectives or purchase price, Mr. Cattle treats every client with respect and dignity during their journey to discover the right living space at the best cost.

Mr. Cattle was awarded the President’s Gold Sales Achievement Award 3 years in a row (2013, 2014, and 2015) from the Royal Lepage to honor his earnings in the top sixth-tenth percentile of his residential market. He also served as the President for the Woodstock-Ingersoll & District Real Estate Board (WINDREB) and was one only two presidents in the Board’s history to hold this position for 3 consecutive annual terms (2013, 2014, and 2015).  Currently, Mr. Cattle is in his second year as the Chair of the Political Action Committee, where he lobbies with both federal and provincial government agencies in matters related to real estate and home ownership needs. It’s a position that also allows him to keep in tune with the current local real estate market to the benefit of his clients. 

Outside of his passion for all things real estate and home ownership, Mr. Cattle is the Commanding Officer of the local Navy League Core Cadet (NLCC) Program Unicorn, a position he earned after only 3 short years.  The program is strictly volunteer and promotes, organizes, sponsors, supports, and encourages the education and training of Ontario youth by creating recreational opportunities and training.  The Cadet Program, for which Mr. Cattle has achieved the rank of Sub-Lieutenant, also promotes the physical and mental fitness of boys and girls who participate.  In addition, Mr. Cattle was a past volunteer recruitment chair for the Political Action Committee and was in charge of creating a volunteer fair, which resulted in an increase of volunteering members by 70%.

In his spare time, Mr. Cattle is an avid hiker and mountain climber.  He successfully submitted Mount Whitey (14,505 feet) in Sierra Nevada, a moment he looks back on with great personal pride.  He also enjoys diving and is open water certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADDI).

No matter what venture Mr. Cattle takes on next, he is sure to remain true to the core values that were passed on by his grandfather and uncle: honesty and determination.  Whatever comes his way, he never gives up and reminds himself that there is always a solution to any problem.  When asked if he has any advice of his own to add, he stresses the importance of never letting anyone tell you that you are not capable or you cannot succeed.  The only person who controls your destiny is you, and Mr. Cattle is without a doubt in 

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