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Mr. Dugan throughout his long career has had a flair of creating something from nothing. In August 2014, Incognito Worldwide, an Indian subsidiary of his U.S. Intech Creative LLC. was selected by Silicone India Magazine as the Startup of the Month. So we only thought it appropriate to name Mr. Dugan our entrepreneur of the month.  According to previous interviews of him -- in Small Enterprise Magazine and Silicone India Magazine --, the entire company creation and rise has been serendipitous. 

Sanjeev Aasoori and Nihanth Kandimalla were two twenty-something programmers he met in a cafe in Bangalore India while waiting around for another company to begin development on EventzPipeline, a project Mr. Dugan authored.  Seeing hidden talents in Sanjeev and Nihanth, most notably their immense cognitive learning capabilities, and seeing no movement from that other company mentioned, Mr. Dugan, Sanjeev and Nihanth decided to try and launch a company.

Their fast building friendship and trust in each other fueled their rise.  By the summer of 2013 they had gone from three guys in a cafe to an office with 80 seats and a staff of 15. In April 2014 Incognito Worldwide was officially incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intech Creative LLC.

Mr. Dugan noted that "at Intech we create software products. But we were also providing development services to clients, so the duality was confusing people on what we were as a company. So by late 2013 with our client list and project load growing, I thought it made sense to create a new company, and split the brand recognition and purpose. So now Incognito is our wholesale IT services Fulfillment Company for clients worldwide, though mostly in the U.S.A. and India currently. Our services include website development, mobile app development, software application development, online marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC, Directory listings, PR), and we manage platforms for domain registrations, hosting, enterprise solutions, and 3rd party application integration."

We congratulate and recognize Mr. Dugan this month based on the successful creation, branding, launch and profitability of Incognito Worldwide. They have outperformed the 80 % of all startups that never reach profitability, most of whom close their doors in the first 18 months. And for his vision to foresee the rise of India as one of the top technology cities in the world.

If he is even moderately successful on the planned Intech Creative LLC products (now in development) EventzPipeline and ADRS, we may be seeing him recognized again by Pinnacle Registry in the not so distant future.   

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