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Pinnacle Registry is the premier publisher of outstanding professionals who have excelled in their fields of endeavor. We recognize physicians, attorneys, teachers, nurses, scientists, fortune 500 executives and some of the top engineers, architects, and entrepreneurs around the world. Being recognized by Pinnacle is an honor that increases your exposure and prestige with peers and collaborators.

Social networks too are a great way to increase your universe of connections, and through the Pinnacle social network, even if you don't have the achivements to qualify for the Pinnacle Registry, that doesn't mean that you can't still expand your contacts through the Pinnacle social network. As a member-driven site you're voted in by your peers and collegaues. It provides the space to post photos, events, videos, and activites, while also building groups, connecting to people that share your interests and business philosophies. People do business with those they know, directly or indirectly, so increase your network and tell your story.  

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Social media really replaces nothing but does complement everything we do in the business world. 

Neal Schaffer,
Editor-In-Chief of Maximize Social Business
Robert Kerrigan

The way of the world is meeting people through other people. 

Robert Kerrigan,

harvey mackay

The Strongest networks are built on friendships.

Harvey Mackay,
Businessman and Author

"All of the Pinnacle Registry members are accomplished in their respective field of endeavors, and/or are movers and shakers on an upward trajectory. We at Pinnacle Registry search our membership continually to feature the Professionals of the Month. These professionals below have achieved that recognition and status because of the current impact they bring to their industries."

Professionals Of the Month

  • Me at Hyatt

    Mr. Dugan throughout his long career has had a flair of creating something from nothing. In August 2014, Incognito Worldwide, an Indian subsidiary of his U.S. Intech Creative LLC. was selected by Silicone India Magazine as the Startup of the Month. So we only thought it appropriate to name Mr. Dugan our entrepreneur of the month.  According to previous interviews of him -- in Small Enterprise Magazine and Silicone India Magazine --, the entire company creation and rise has been serendipitous. 

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  • Vignesh Hebbar2

    Mr. Vignesh Hebbar is an innovator in technology, serving as founder/ CEO of Intellileap Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. After a twenty year IT career working for large firms, Mr. Hebbar had a burning desire to venture out on his own.  

    Despite India being known for outsource IT services, Mr. Hebbar was driven to create a true pure-play software products company. He focused in on BPMS (business Process Management solutions) because "it was a fast growing area within the overall enterprise software market and, also, that it adds to and builds on current investments like ERP and CRM."

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At Pinnacle Registry we recognize that not everyone meets the qualifications to be listed in the Professional Registry. But that doesn't mean that you can't participate in our community. There are many credible professionals in our Social Network, which is driven by the membership -- if they vote you in, you're in.  You can connect with peers to collaborate, educate and exchange knowledge. So get social and register today!

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