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“Save the children."


  • Nevada Street 1200 92373, United States
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Growing up with her family in Ecuador, South America, Ms. Ines R. Wright watched and learned. She saw her parents, Jorge and Blanca, successfully run their own business and picked up business skills along the way. Ines saw her parents help others who were less fortunate and learned about compassion and charity. Little did she know that these lessons would one day merge and help her build a successful career in the nonprofit sector.

As Ms. Wright grew into adulthood, she earned a bachelor's Degree in Accounting and moved to the United States as a newlywed with her American husband Dell Wright, who was an aerospace engineer with NASA. As newlyweds, they started a family of their own and while their children were in school, Ms. Wright often volunteered and observed the effects of loving and healthy environments on children's growth. Ms. Wright loved working with children and admired their ability to learn quickly, their resilience, and the unconditional love they gave. At the same time, she became aware of the number children in the world who lived in environments of hunger, violence, and neglect without good role models to turn to for guidance.

Ms. Wright was unwilling to simply stand by and continue to let that happen. Her parents had taught her to contribute to the well-being of society, so she decided to do just that. In 1990, Ms. Wright put her business and accounting skills to work. Ines and her husband, Dell Wright, founded Wright's Adolescent Development Center (W.A.D.C.), Inc., together, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on helping abused, neglected, and at-risk youth in California. With W.A.D.C., Inc., she wanted to offer residential care and treatment programs that promote positive and effective behavioral modification and thereby improve adolescents' lives and watch them become productive and respected members of society. W.A.D.C., Inc. facilitate Ms. Wright to help adolescents develop self-esteem, self-pride, self-confidence, and respect for others in a nonthreatening, fair, and respectful environment.

Many decades later, staying with the challenge, Ms. Wright has never lost sight of W.A.D.C., Inc.'s original motto: “Save the children." She fuels her motivation with her father's business savvy and willingness to help others and her mother's patience and resilience to continue to do so year after year. At start Dell Wright, Ines Wright's husband, was C.E.O. of W.A.D.C., Inc. and Mrs. Wright were the CFO/Administrator, in the year 2000 and since then, Ms. Wright has remained the Chief Executive Officer of a well-respected and thriving charity and has not only helped countless at-risk youths throughout California but also inspired and trained others to do the same, sharing her belief, and W.A.D.C., Inc. philosophy that with integrity and giving your all, anything is possible.

For more than twenty-eight years, Ms. Wright's work has not gone unnoticed. She was featured on the cover page of "Inspiring the Youth of America" (2015-2016 edition) and awarded the Visionary Award of Humanitarian Contribution by the Remington Registry. Ms. Wright was also included in the Women of Distinction Magazine,
American Latino Who's Who, Cambridge Who's Who, as an Honored Member and Covington Who's Who of Executive Professionals registries. W.A.D.C., Inc. received official recognition for its efforts and contributions to society from the State Assembly Office and the office of then, U.S. Congressman.
Although her work with W.A.D.C., Inc. consumes all her time and all her volunteering efforts center around the children and adolescents she works with, she takes time to enjoy playing and listening to music, leaning on what she remembers from her childhood organ lessons. She also loves to travel and at some point, would like to learn photography and oil painting but these hobbies will have to wait because she is not ready to give up time with W.A.D.C., Inc. just yet. Ms. Wright has no intention of stopping her contributions to the well-being of society because no matter how small her involvement is, she believes her contributions will help change the world for the better.

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