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Doenges, Marilynn

Doenges, Marilynn
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a retired psychiatric nurse who has co-written her share of books and articles to help nurses and healthcare professionals.


  • S Garo Ave 31 80910, United States
  • Contact person: Marilynn Doenges (+)
Type: Service Provider
  • Universities/Colleges:
  • B.S., Nursing; M.A., Education/Counseling at the University of Colorado
  • Organizations:
  • American Nurses Association, Family Connection
  • Affiliations:
  • Elected to Colorado Nurses Hall of Fame; Member of Colorado Nurses Association; CSCNS, Pikes Peak Board Member
  • Expertise:
  • APRN- BC-Retired Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing; Author; Sex education
  • Volunteer Work/ Charities:
  • Teaches sex education classes
  • Published Works:
  • co-authored several books, including Nurses Pocket Guide (12th Edition) and Nursing Care Plans/Guidelines to Nursing Care (8th Edition.) She would like to credit co-authors, Mary Moorhouse and Alice Murr.
  • Public Speaking:
  • Radio series related to her field and lectured at CNA Meetings
  • Hobbies/ Interests:
  • Knitting Crocheting, playing piano and most of all spending time with grand children
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Marilynn Doenges began her nurses’ training at Aultman Hospital in Canton Ohio in 1941, at the age of 17. She had always intended to enter the nursing field, but during this period, Mrs. Doenges had a deeply inspiring experience, which cemented not only her choice to become a nurse, but what kind of nurse she would be. As she awaited her exams, Mrs. Doenges sat with a woman dying of sepsis following a self-induced abortion (hospital policy dictated that dying patients were not to be left alone in their final hours). The patient told Mrs. Doenges her story, which was devastating to hear, but it taught the young nurse an invaluable lesson about the importance of the individual in a field where constant exposure to the suffering of others can become desensitizing.

After passing her Board Examinations, Mrs. Doenges joined the Army Nurse Corps and served from 1944 to 1946, rising through the ranks to become a First Lieutenant. Upon her return to the United States, Mrs. Doenges returned to Aultman psychiatric ward, facilitating Electroshock treatments. Quickly, she was made a supervisor, where she worked closely with student nurses in a pain management capacity. In order to progress to a more senior supervisory role, Mrs. Doenges returned to school under the GI Bill and took classes toward an RN Degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder, but left her studies and full-time nursing when she married and had children; she eventually completed a BSN Degree in 1968, and later on, a Master’s Degree in Education, Guidance, and Counseling and numerous professional certifications. Though she occasionally worked in a hospital after this time, Mrs. Doenges shifted her focus to the teaching of nursing, both in hospitals and colleges, for the next 11 years, and also opened a private practice.

            During her long career and its many, many reinventions, Mrs. Doenges has won numerous awards. In 2004, she was inducted into the Colorado Nurses’ Association Hall of Fame.  She advises other to take advantage of every opportunity to learn – even the risky ones – and encourages traveling, for the same reason. Her hobbies include knitting, crocheting, and chatting with her two sisters via the internet.

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