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A native of Islip, New York, William Kaler is Vice President and Moderator of WEATHERFUN, a registered nonprofit organization devoted to documenting past, present, and future weather patterns to educate and inform the public. Due to his association with WEATHERFUN, Mr. Kaler has 16 years of experience in the weather industry, especially in short-term forecasting. As a Vice President, he is also knowledgeable about financial management within the nonprofit industry. He is also tasked with updating the company’s website and approving new members, among his many typical tasks. Mr. Kaler is largely a self-taught meteorologist; he has been fascinated with the weather since childhood, and has certainly found the perfect focus for his attention.

Mr. Kaler is also associated with CoCoRaHS, the Rain Counting Company. He keeps a rain gauge in his backyard, and record and reports rainfall daily on their website. The tracking of rainfall is not a commonly understood practice, but it is certainly important – the data accumulated by Mr. Kaler and others is used to monitor flood levels, river stages, and conversely, droughts, among other potentially dangerous phenomena. Results are relied upon by weather forecasters, climatologists, and researchers, and professionals within many diverse fields, including water management, agriculture, insurance, engineering, and recreation.

Prior to WEATHERFUN, Mr. Kaler worked with the New York State Office of Mental Health for 33 years, identifying the emotional health needs of children and developing supportive treatment plans for those in need. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Adelphi Suffolk, (now known as Dowling College) and a Master’s Degree in Social Studies from Adelphi University. In his spare time, Mr. Kaler enjoys feeding the birds and cultivating roses in his backyard. He steadfastly believes that success comes from remaining active within your area of experience – a principle he has always exercised himself. Mr. Kaler adds, “Always look out the window for the weather besides using the computer,” which he means figuratively – and literally, of course.

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