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  • Axley, Hartman, CLU®, ChFC®, JD, CFP®, MSFS, RHU®, AEP®

Axley, Hartman, CLU®, ChFC®, JD, CFP®, MSFS, RHU®, AEP®

Axley, Hartman, CLU®, ChFC®, JD, CFP®, MSFS, RHU®, AEP®
Axley, Hartman, CLU®, ChFC®, JD, CFP®, MSFS, RHU®, AEP® 0 5 0

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A leader and pioneer in Accredited Estate Planning and NAECP Member


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Over the course of his extensive insurance and financial planning career, HartmanAxleyhas earned an impressive number of titles and certifications: CLU®,ChFC®, CFP®,MSFS, RHU®, and AEP®.  They attest to his professional achievements as a chartered life underwriter, certified finance planner, accredited estate planner, chartered finance consultant, and registered health underwriter.

Surprisingly, Mr.Axleydid not start his career in finance but in law. After earning his law degree in 1956 from the University of Wisconsin, he worked as an Associate Attorney for the Holland & Hart law firm in Denver, Colorado, specializing in wills, trusts, and estates.  After only 2 years, Mr.Axleydecided to leave his employment with the firm because his narcolepsy was interfering significantly with the large amount of reading required for legal research.  Not wanting to leave the legal field entirely, Mr.Axleylooked for a challenge that would allow him to use his legal background but limit the need for excessive reading.  He found the perfect match with estate planning from an insurance perspective.

In 1958, Mr.Axleystarted a new career as a life underwriter with the Colorado Associates ofAllmericaFinance (formerly State Mutual Companies). Throughout the course of business, he became aware of the benefits of knowing and understanding all aspects of an estate plan.  So as a member of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC), Mr.Axleystarted giving suggestions and recommendations to enhance the organization's goals and mission to educate people about estate plans.  One main missing component he identified was the lack of a central listing of estate planners in newspapers, libraries or other media outlets for people to consult.

As a result of his personal ambition to improve people's knowledge of estate planning, three goals were added toNAEPC'soverall mission: create new accounts, improve existing accounts, and boost overall public awareness through increased public relations such as the Patron Program.  The Patron Program encouragedNAEPCmembers to raise funds for recognition at the organization's national meetings, where they were presented with awards.  The money raised was used in turn for general public service and radio announcements, resulting in increased response from the public.  More and more people started callingNAEPCto inquire about hiring trusted estate planners and getting their estate questions answered.

In addition to expandingNAEPC'sexposure to the general public, Mr.Axleyalso focused on improving accreditation for its members by proposing an estate planning designation through testing.  His initial proposal in 1976 while serving as president of the organization was unanimously rejected by theNAEPCboard of directors. However, never one to give up, Mr.Axleycontinued his quest for increased testing and accreditation and his efforts paid off 15 years later when the Accredited Estate Planner certification was passed in 1991. 

Mr.Axleynot only developed a passion for estate planning, he is also an avid skier.  He was a Ski Patroller in Midwest Wisconsin, and joined the Arapahoe Basin Ski Patrol after moving to Colorado.  In 1961, he became Section Chief for the Front Range section of the National Ski Patrol (NSP), and worked on expanding the Front Range to 14 ranges.  He created 10 ski patrols over a 10-year period, including the one located in Vale, Colorado.  Consequently, he was assigned the NSP Division Director position.  During his active years with NSP, Mr.Axleywas responsible for many of the ski safety protocols now in place, including the lift evacuation manual.  His continued efforts toward ski safety were rewarded with an election into the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame (now known as the Colorado Ski & Snow Board Hall of Fame).

Mr.Axleyalso made his mark on Denver's recreation. When plans were put in motion to build a large city recreation center, local YMCA members feared it would shut down their existing recreational area.  Along with a group of prominent Denver professionals, Mr.Axleyconvinced city council to buy the existing YMCA property for the new center and allow a new YMCA to be built in a different residential area where most members resided.  The perfect new site was an unused quarter of a city park in the center of the geographic quadrant of Denver.  Although there was opposition to renting out this land to the YMCA, Mr.Axley'sbackground with the Ski Patrol gave him the opportunity to successfully argue that existing use agreements permitted renting out both the Winter Park Ski area in the Denver Park Land mountains and the Gates Tennis Center and Park Land to the YMCA.

The next hurdle was raising a million dollars to build the new YMCA amenities on the leased park lands.  Mr.Axleyhas extensive experience with financing through industrial revenue bonds, which requires city approval, and he was able to secure approval of the bonds for the YMCA with the City of Lakewood.  The available funding allowed for a pool to be built, followed by a gym.  Innovative YMCA lifetime memberships were created and sold to members and their children to ensure sufficient funds were available to cover the down payment of the bonds.

Mr.Axleyis married to Marguerite AnnThessinand has 2 children: Colleen and Timothy.   Since his retirement, he has not fully forgotten his estate planning passion but does enjoy the additional time for other old and newfound passions: skiing, playing badminton, collecting postcards, singing and traveling.

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